Kundalini Yoga Weekend Workshop

2018-07-06 - 2018-07-08

The Art and Science of Potential Living

The human being is ontologically complete and perfect in itself, in order to uncoil his potenciality within, he has to find  a way to perceive the orientation of his consciousness, commit to it and translate it into action.


We will explore the following questions:

-What does it mean to life our potentiality?

-Which are the respective stages of development?

-When in our life are the main 2 main windows of opportunity to understand and get that potential?

-What is required in order to express our potentiality?


The methodological progression of the Self

For thousands of years yogis, sages and researchers were investigating themselves exploring the inner realms of consciousness to awaken the Self, transforming the subconscious habits and preconceotions that distract from the Self to realize the authentic nature of the Self.


The Kundalini Yoga discipline covers the distance to destiny, evolving our origin to unfold into the virtue of no reaction and experience the art of love.

We will explore the following questions:

-Who am I, why I am here? what do I need?

-What I can give and deliver, what is my mission?

-How can I map my self?


Friday evening 17.00-20.00 Uhr
Saturday 08.30-18.00 Uhr 
Sunday 08.30-16.00 Uhr 


Ort: Seeschau, Yoga- und Therapiezentrum, Seestrasse 106, 8703 Erlenbach


Leitung: Sadhana Singh. Er wird in Englisch unterrichten.


Kosten: CHF 400


Anmeldung: oder Tel. +41 44 915 55 28


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