The Art of Transitions – Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Simrit from Isreal


Preparing for a conscious transition into 2018

In this workshop we will look into the stages that compose any transition, we will bring clarity to the sequence of steps that compose a conscious transition.
The clarity of this sequence will assist you in any transition you are going through.


This time of the year, just before entering the New Year, is a perfect time to do that.


Those who are master transitions are not only dancers, painters, filmmakers, musicians and poets.
The art of transitions is not only the craft of those who make the transition from movement to movement, from color to color, note to note, line to line, into an art.


The art of transitions is the art of life.
From one matter to another matter, from time to time,
Between awakening and sleep and dream.
Between inhale and exhale,
From childhood, to youth, maturity, and old age.
Between what I have been, to what I am becoming.
All that moves in time and space is in transition.


Separation and Letting go/ suspension/ crystallization/ action


How these stages are expressed in the transition you are going through now?


Come and learn through a kundalini yoga practice, sharing, conversation, and chanting.

Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene sind herzlich willkommen.
Datum: Samstag 30. Januar, von 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr


Leitung: Simrit Kaur


Ort: WAHE GURU Yogastudio, Zentralstrasse 37, 8003 Zürich


Preis: CHF 90.00