The Healing Ring of Tantra


at least 10 participants (max. 20) will be needed to realize this beautiful meditation circle on this full moon day. We will hold hands for 31 minutes, chanting a simple mantra - to send healing energy to anyone we individually choose. And it's also healing for all participants. We will warm ourselves up first with a Kriya (asana-dharana-pranayama-mantra). No previous experience necessary. For the ultimate experience, wrap your head in a turban or wear some other head covering - it is much easier to meditate like this. Come as you like, as you are!


Datum: Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2017

Leitung: Keyer Dyal Kaur (Rebekka Rudin)

Ort und Zeit: 
a. 0900-10:30h bei B. Yoga in Basel (English)

b. 19:00-20:30h im Yoga Atelier Basel (English)

Preis: CHF 30.00 


B.Yoga / Yoga Atelier: