Kundalini Yoga Weekend Workshop

The 9 practical aspects of prosperity and success

There are nine basic practical aspects that deal with the dynamics that regulate life. We all have these nine given faculties within us that can compute any situation. Nine aspects to work out how to be successful and prosperous. Nine ways to deal with space and time effectively. Nine fields in which to apply Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan said, that these nine aspects are given so you can work out everything in life. Without working out these principles, we cannot face the challenges that space and time bring to us at the right level.

The mind of a leader

Through the mastery of the mind, leaders use their own will to understand the scale, the orbit and the impact of each action. The art of gauging the power and magnitude of the impact, to be able to recognize the innate potential and take responsibility with regards to the well-being, prosperity and success of others, is called leadership.


Lehrer: Puran Sukh Kaur. Sie wird in Englisch unterrichten.

Datum: 8.-10. März 2019, Friday 17.00-20.00 / Saturday 8.30-18.00 / Sunday 8.30-16.00

Ort: Seeschau, Yoga- und Therapiezentrum, Seestrasse 106, 8703 Erlenbach

Preis: CHF 400.-